The Fringe

by Notebook.

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"In a time where many worlds are bridging together, and entirely new ones are spawning out of thin air, The Fringe is a perfect symbol of what's playing out in front of our very own eyes. Boundaries get crashed through on this musical feat as abstraction & minimalism are fused into one, and Pop Art gets renovated with Dark Art aesthetics..."


released October 31, 2014

All engineering, production, writing, and recording done by Notebook. Credit to Cryptic Wisdom for his vocals on "Basquiat's Room" ( and Execute Effect for this project's artwork (



all rights reserved


Notebook. Clayton, New Jersey

With a niche for bridging the gaps between unusual elements among the music-spectrum, it's undeniable that Notebook is providing one of the most unique listening-experiences yet. Notebook. is pioneering a sound that is as much Universal as it is Abstract; carving out his space in a wide array of genres at once. Tune in and catch the wave. ... more

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Track Name: Gasmask (Produced by Notebook)

nowhere to run to. I know there's a couple holes in the cement
prone to believing I may never see the goal that I'm reaching towards
the doors are blockaded as I push against them with force
gritting my teeth at the source of my anger.
emphasis on the fact that I'm in a box below the dirt, breathing short and frantically
looking treachorous, gory. you wouldn't guess it was for me..
to be left for the earthworms, crawling
sort of panicking because the germs yearn to rotten the flesh
biting the end of a slug and this nitrogen pressure built inside of my chest'll combust
pressing my luck like a four-leafed clover closed between the pages of a book
patience faded, and it took longer than I prayed it fucking would
waiting to get a taste of the world I never knew of
threw a ruby into a slew of putrid shit. what's it to ya?
you want to see a ticking time-bomb hit its limit? screw it.

I got a habit, of peddling backwards
and if I could catch it and trap it, I could prevent it from happening once again
sand slipping through the center of an hourglass
(Maybe I'm just...) That's impossible
metal bars play a part in breaking out
you're way too strong to stay in doubt
don't make it sound. wait it out...
(Maybe I'm just...)

taking it but not wasting it; gracious like a wave of wind on your skin
placing it in the hands of something greater than the face you get
everytime you face me as if it's nothing but a game
my wits are Keen and (Keenan), Kel could vouch for All That waits to get its day to rip
out the shell-casing; body armor replacement is needed
I'm designated to detonate.
hated for being not feasible. non-treatable
infected once affected. better start a quarantine; this fool's creeping through
toxic gas got 'em falling back
tryna' block the barracks from the plague before the walls collapse
make 'em spin in circles like clothes at a laundromat
told 'em I was coming; now, I've got 'em how I plotted, jack
feeling like anonymous...
how can you lock an idea behind a block of bricks
when you can't even see its body? just a cloud of mist floating and a sea of people dropping


Track Name: Journey to the Underworld (Produced by Notebook)
fireflies in a jar
loud steps minimized to a soft tip-toe
and it's fine being lost. requirements gone
move quiet through the halls.

steady getting witchy with that veni, vidi, vici feel
telepathy. I'm picking through your head and being creepy still
tipsy-turvy gypsy; sipping henney in the hippie-field
dancing non-chalantly, really trippy if you see me, but I need to heal
fix myself and shock the body
too many years of playing tonsil hockey with a rotten mind-freak
used to dig my pockets out to pay the price of heartbeats
wasted money on something I could've got free
it's warm at the bottom, and I've been sitting in the hot-seat
listening to Rob-Zombie...
Block-party 'til the morning. We've got hobbies that you probably couldn't understand
(Fuck it, man) Strange Days & Nights, we grew accustomed and...
intruders want to rush us 'cause they can't muster up another plan
flustered at the love and what we're coming to stand for
to disrupt the damn norm in a sly demeanor from Sun to Dawn, up under the asphalt

Coming together where the rules don't exist
One-another, all alone, and this is home (This is home)
As we float along the outskirts
No Trespassing, it's our World.
This is how the Underground works (x2)
They're knocking on the front-door, begging to get in.
There's no way. (x3)
As we float along the outskirts
No Trespassing, it's our World.
This is how the Underground works (x2)

the Donnie Darko of writing this quite impartial and grimy art,
avant-garde to society's liking
sight-seeing from an apartment. I'm fine being disconnected,
a goner in hiding, just watching all of it dying
there's not a part of me trying to keep it from falling,
'cause sacrifices oughta' be made in order to fly
free from the rainstorm; no umbrella, he stayed calm
Mary Poppins with a gully conscience. The gossiping must've got him...
behind bars but ready to change form
devastated at this desolate land he was raised on
It had him yawning. Empty bottle of NyQuil
headed off of the ledge and was lead to fall in a mine-field
where life feels better with people like you
an upheaval so peaceful. No Gods + No Kings...
too sweet when you disrupt the damn norm
in a sly demeanor from Sun to Dawn, up under the asphalt


fireflies in a jar
loud steps minimized to a soft tip-toe
and it's fine being lost. requirements gone
move quiet through the halls.

Track Name: Basquiat's Room (feat. Cryptic Wisdom) (Produced by Notebook)
a little bit of opium. dealing with the devil, but I know what's up
break it on down like we're tryna' dance, and line it even then smoke it up
choking some, but I can handle it. grown enough to be scandalous
with the drugs and the baggages to get a happy fix when I'm out of it
feeling like Cobain, don't want to move. feels so good. I don't know what to do
I just hope that my dudes can flow, get in tune with the vibe that I've got. I'm alone, but enthused
dozing a bit each moment and too gone to respond, so I zone from the room
to my head and forget about showing and proving
I guess I gotta' go with the movement

at first, you hear of it. then you experiment
curiosity, my dear, you've made me fearless
I remember being hazy, on a field-trip
through these lovely poppy trees, shaking in the chill wind...
fills in the blank space
so vacant, in a daze, going through a grey rainbow
I can't fall. no shame on your man, dawg
low-class living with Basquiat on the damn wall

you're in my system now
feel free to pull me down
it's alright with me. it's alright with me..
you're mine, I'm yours
"are you fine? are you sure?"
I'm sure.
you don't gotta' hide from me
I'm just where I'd like to be

OxyMoron. Schoolboy Q. We do what we do, just watch us soar on
Voice on que. Throw life on pause; ease into a quiet storm
ya'll don't really know, but I do. I just want to give you a clue
please don't try this at home; not for the pure at heart, that's you
see. it can free your mind, but it ain't freedom without a couple strings combined
Friday / Saturday, we decline, and then repeat again until we beat the cycle
sitting inside this shed. block the entry so they don't get an eye-full
of this lifestyle. guaranteed to make the night wild

at first, you hear of it. then you experiment
curiosity, my dear, you've made me fearless
I remember being hazy, on a field-trip
through these lovely poppy trees, shaking in the chill wind...
killing boredom by flying high. hang-gliding to my surprise
tryna' find my oasis. so faded. smoke shaded.
I can't fall. no shame on your man, dawg
low-class living with Basquiat on the damn wall


(Cryptic Wisdom):

Cocaine, G, Adderall, I had it all in my system
How could I be mad at all when I was 'bout to fall?
And now my rhythm's subjected into this prison, neglected all of my visions
Obsessive over my D.O.C, that meth was all that I was wishing for
My inner-artist, my child, didn't like to party, go out
I was on and off it for a while. It was gettin' harder to smile
I was on that "fuck you" tip. Never wanted friends around
I would do enough too quick, and it left my head in doubt
These days, I'm a hot mess on a mission to just be sober
It's like I'm battling a Lochness with a slit wrist. Party is over
And the further I go, the more I see that the ghost in me will come back
It'll tempt me 'til I'm empty. I know some understand and some laugh
But, what if I ain't strong enough to say no?
I'm just a devil with a halo
'cause I get lonely and I medicate
Take me away to a better place

Track Name: Nosecandy (Produced by Notebook)
seek your way to me and maybe we can be forever
get together when you sneak and tippy-toe between the wavy breathing
make me face relief, please; be the doctor for the patient
while I'm patiently waiting gracefully
nose bleeding from the snow-angel rosaries
the equinox is dead and can't illuminate the blow & trees [blowin' trees]
we're supposed to be close in a motion-screen show
that unfolds my dream of knowing your interior motive
things like that; you seem tight-wrapped
for street-lights and sweet nights that no one would hope to see
cliche and risque, but so dope to me. you're my dopamine
though, so many people burn in your hellfire
one sniff of that Michelle Pfeiffer...
you promise everybody that we'll excel higher
the greatest trick to break its way in and I admire that...

She's so pure (built to kill, but we love to be dangerous)
Fill the void (break the seal and what's underneath may be yours)
Thrill me more (than a pill, 'cause a milligram ain't enough)
No rush, babe; touch me for one day

stimulant criminal and I'm itching to get to you
like a kid to his gifts on Christmas, and I'm in the mood
distance closes, magnetism flows
and momentum pulses the quicker it goes on the physical display
heart-rate on the glass screen
the needle scraping on the paper at fast speed
can't be measured; a sin to have a passion at the max
for this crash-and-then-burn last-for-never black December flake of accumulation
comfortably numb but my mood is anxious
stimulation when the game gets rough
lift my face and wipe away the drugs
faking fun; a flirtatious, tasteless way of love that preys on pain and uh
what'll never leave is never enough
if only he could see it's better to run


She's so pure
Fill the void
Thrill me more
No rush, babe. Touch me for one day...

Track Name: Parental Advisory (Produced by Notebook)
And if you're paranoid, don't be scared of me..

I want to chase my dreams with vodka and prescription pills
I'm over it
they say life depends on all it gives
I'm empty here. sober-sick.
begging for a hand-out, looking for a better way
dead kid walking through a sad town on the hunt for a getaway
left to make a plan on my own with this damn frown..
that I can't wipe off. I'm lost, confused, and crammed down in fetal position, blacked out
but, I think that I might be psychic. Saw this a while before, but denied it
Déjà vu. Should've put it in writing. Frightening times call for enlightenment
I'm in a familiar place. Don't like it, it's really strange
bitter taste filling in the mouth like a dentist came
Feeling like a Menace, no Dennis. Tripping again I think
the visions in my eYe clip my wings and still give me strength
telling me to skip restraint, go a bit insane, and switch the game up
as difficult as it's been to fix the pace, but...

hypnosis, you're dozing off
in a motionless coma
falling, afloat and I know it's hard to keep following the pendulum
(keep it rated-R with no parental advisory...)
I'm stuck inside your screen
So, keep watching me... (x2)
The Glitch.

I'm just another brick in the wall
all-in-all, I saw my fall from grace at a haunting rate in daunting ways
tried to take a different angle and shift the perspective
this was a deathwish. can somebody give me an exit?
dripping in sweat with tears of blood. here, but what's the reason for it?
I'd rather be at peace than tortured psychologically
I forfeit. safety-belt stripped from around my waist, I'm out
hear the sound of pounding chests due to how I'm changing routes
the left-hand path is my refuge. right hand over my neck-wounds
squeezing tight 'til it hurts my temples
fuck tradition when you've been dealt a shit hand, man
ever since that day, all I felt was quick-sand and
plastic beneath my blood cells and skin can't protect the welts and whiplash from the hellish impact
trailing through the styx until my skeleton snaps,
becomes gelatin and melts into the Empress's lap


hold up...I've got something for the world to see
don't need the fame, but I think that it's an urgency
hot-headed John Lennon 'til they come and murder me
eyes upon the pendant. I can tell that you are turning weak (x2)
Track Name: Windows to the Soul (Produced by Notebook)
On this cross for all to witness
Sacrificed by all the wicked
sick and twisted black magicians
spin those spells and watch..

They told me I was a fake, a punk, and that I was made for nothing. Full of pain, I'd suffer
Now I'm saying "fuck it" and take the punches 'cause they made me tougher
Beat me to the ground like a sign-post, and I cried wolf
but they liked when I'd tried my best to crawl away and not strike
I wanted to swing my fists, but I was scared to get destroyed.
Quieted my voice. Killed the noise of the little boy that was screaming out for a simple choice...
"Let me go and I won't attempt to fit in." It was vicious, wicked, and made me rigid
coined as worth less than a dime o'dozen
beat with sticks and forced to fight 'til my lungs were tight and shrunken
yeah, look at what life has come I look in my eyes, they're sunken
I was made into a beast that hated himself and would spite the others
constantly blacking out & I discovered
suicidal tendencies for the guilt and confusion I was submerged in
smoke & mirrors broken, I'm slightly punctured
and I hope that I recover

the windows to the soul are cracked
peek in and there is nothing left
accept all of me or nothing at all
I'm recovering in the mud from the fall
you were so cunning and hard to resist
and we couldn't truly ignore you
the windows to the soul are cracked..

This is like the life of Jesus Christ.
Improvising themes where I get evil-eyed and nailed for tryna' keep the peace in sight
greedy beasts at every scene I find.
nails and hammers pried inside my feet, no lie. put him in that freaking bible
me oh my, I need to hide where I can dream at night
these nightmares leave me speechless, I could be a mime
quiet storm, no Mobb Deep. but, the Havoc had me pondering
maybe I'm a prodigy; an anomaly, so they squander me
Silk The Shocker said it ain't my fault, and I believe
life can be a fight it seems, but now it's time to bleed
deconstructing everything. DNA rewiring
climbing to the top of Jacob's Ladder in his tight jeans
nail polish, ink on his skin, ignoring your piety
called me a faggot so many times, it doesn't bother me
gender roles, normality, society defining freedom's boundaries
taking off these chains like diamond links..


you were so cunning and hard to resist,
and we couldn't truly ignore you
Track Name: Sadist II (Produced by Notebook)
I wear the Mark of the Beast
it's on the arm of my sleeve
everything is not what it seems

some things seem sweet enough to pull me to the feast
but, nobody ever told me that the beauty was a beast
that part of me nobody sees is all in pieces
I'm breathing, but barely alive to feel my heart repeating
each breath, three steps, the floor? I'm against it
I wear a scar, and now it's deeper the more I'm regretting
but, it's nothing but love
gave you a hug in the front of the corner store, and then remembered the mark that you left

I'm a hopeful romantic, even though you're a shadow
of impulsive and manic searches for satisfaction
can't blame you for nothing got to take it and look away to my imagination
maybe I had it coming
I'm a hopeful romantic, even though you're a shadow
of impulsive and manic searches for satisfaction
can't blame you for nothing, but what you gave me's crazy
hasn't faded. safely, I'll contain it

I try to see through to you
but, it's like I'm see-through to you
I'm losing cool. I'm losing cool.
Can you meet at the theater and we can work it out?
I'm not a fan of word of mouth
or playing telephone with all these faces in the crowd
All I really want is trust
less hate, more love
not a lot, but enough

some things seem sweet enough to pull me to the feast
but, nobody ever told me that the beauty was a beast
I want someone to hold but I'm under control of a creep, not as mellow
singing falsetto. her vibrato rings like a cell-phone
Medusa's calling. the serpents tangle together
mingle and shed their skin and continue crawling at the surface
of my spine, climbing from the bottom to my neck. I'm enchanted
playing hard to get? I'm quite the passionate kind that can't quit
overactive in the moment; but holding back is a practice I've got to let go of
you opened me up in hopes to show me the fun of being uncontrolled. I don't think that you know what you've done
promiscuous. they hate you and think you're ridiculous, but I'm into it
there's more to the picture if you dig into the pixels
mixed emotion, but within, I know it..
the lesson I'm presented with is potent
so, let's sip the potion


I'm a hopeful romantic, even though you're a shadow
of impulsive and manic searches for satisfaction
can't blame you for nothing...
meet me at the theater and we can work it out
Track Name: Beauty Sleep (Produced by Notebook)

soaring nowhere. come for me...
I'm lost in space
can't find a trace of anything familiar
what is living? what's the feeling?
we're on a mission to be gifted;
to be lifted.

dozing into a dream, he's slowly getting so weak
comfortable and relaxed, composed & feeling discrete
brain activity taming quick as he's intimately
wrapped in his bed sheet, just knowing it'll be sweet
every night is a struggle to flow into a deep sleep
something within is keeping him going diligently
but, this is different.
these visions flicker in-and-out with the quickness
stripping down his convictions from a distance
cognition scrambling, thought-patterns split in half
and it's like being catapulted backwards through a black abyss
actually not attached to his cavity, sort of frantic
looking down at himself and doesn't make sense
asking if he should travel deeper and pass through...
Space is like a vacuum, sucking him through the center and he can't move
"but, for once, I feel free
Immortal and I'm truly sure of what's the real Me..."


heavy dose of mellowtonin in his skull-bone
an immobile body he's projected over; not dressed or clothed
just fear to accept the notion, wants to disconnect and go in
to the old skin. but, knows he better hold his tongue
but he can't. it's all so real
difficult to convince himself that it's not
the chills.. that rippled similar to skipping stones on water filled him to the brim
swimming with a fitted on, for real
metaphorical. must've read my oracle
plunged into infinity, but scared to leave his boring room
sparked a fuse that sent him flying
and I'm shot from this cannon to the other side
blind eyes, but the lighting is getting brighter by the second
dying, but the beauty of it is quite the ride and...
you should try it.
join us as we cut the cord and break into the silence
it's crazy, but you'll like it


Track Name: Stella Matutina (feat. Gayngs) (Produced by Notebook)

It's apropo to wonder how intense the afterglow gets
the modulated signals in my head could crack the codec
been strung out in a limbo-state. That's Middle Earth. I'm backwards flowing.
but, it's all the same just like a palindrome. Impractical is what your rational is
never meant to fan the gas and blow this out of proportion...
this sort of lucid dream's a multifaceted, fully animate touch-screen
these 3D Glasses gleam from heat refraction as they read the fractals
I just sit and watch the fucking particles drip
partially here, but hardly. I drift in catharsis again
lethargic and tense, but I'm calm and persistent.
I'm inching towards the storm with a grin. calling me in, it warps me and twists
more than a vision, but more like a myth.
Narnia lives. I saw it through these corneas, filtered
hard to distinguish my pulse from the walls
in a bit, I might just stay. put a bolt-lock on the door from the outside and call it quits
in for the long-hall as I absorb the mist...

and we were on a cloud
and we were way in love.. (x2)

it's apropo to wonder how intense the afterglow gets
the modulated signals in my head could crack the codec
packed and cold-pressed; a natural. guess my knack for no less than that is grotesque.
(that is so fetch) you don't gotta' tell me that. I know, yet a reminder is good.
I put myself inside of the grinder and mushed...slimy and mushed. try me, you should.
walked through the wormhole many times and it looks like I survived it and stood..
upwards. exalted, but I'm nauseous. feeding on my own endorphins
becoming translucent. transcendent. I'm morphing

becoming translucent. transcendent. I'm morphing
didn't know if I could afford it; disappear to all my old friends
I'm going, going, gone to the open air that no one can see
with perfect vision. dis-forming, distorting
becoming translucent. transcendent. I'm morphing
goodbye if you don't come along with me before the storm begins
the incubator's getting warmer and,
this is what it's like to be born again
the pedestal's too high to be forced to reform as I'm stripped from the mortal skin...

Goodbye, Cruel World...

Track Name: inWaves (Produced by theCrxsh)
"I want you to lose it.

Get wavy with me. There's nobody that can save us. We're free.
Looks like my generation is leaving in a cloud smoke...
Whoa. Out of sight, out of mind. Found a life, we recline
'cause it's easy to breathe and preach what we practice
Peace symbol plastered across this sky
Two fingers up for the Stoners and Hippies, the Poets,
Low-Life Folk on the back-road tryna' get a fix...
Loners, Geeks, and Freaks. Get throwed if you hear me, though.
Life is a carnival, so come join the party and fall into...
a trance from the light-wave particles swimming inside your pupils to the heart in you.

And I know there's a heart in you...

And at the heart of it all, we just want to be a part of The Pulse.
And I'm walking on water with an anchor strapped to my ankles, calm and composed.
Soak in the violet rays of the Sun like I am supposed to.
All in Together Now. All N 2gether Now...

(Vocal Clip by Kanye West)

Said I couldn't levitate and make it to the other side
Wish You Were Here. Took a break and flew above my high
It doesn't make sense, but you're all beside me
Eyes pressed tight to the Warhol designs weaved into the clouds...
purple and pink. Move slow and distorted, slurred in our speech
Ten millions out from the birds and the bees on the beach
Skin burnt, but converged with the scenery
True meaning of a meltdown. Hellbound, but somehow we haven't fell down
Old layers shed like snakes once the phase is done;
it's safe to cut the metal from around these feet and get some help now
Transport. Stand tall. Report back to the landmark we started off,
before Pandora's box was opened...

(Vocal Clip by Kanye West)

Soak in the violet rays of the sun like I am supposed to.
All in Together Now.
Get wavy with me. There's nobody that can save us.
Get wavy with me. There's nobody that can save us. We're free.

(Vocal Clip by Kanye West)"
Track Name: The Savior (Produced by Notebook)

Gaudy, witty, and wicked. Naughty like a video vixen,
pragmatic. the static bandit's what they call me with these tricks in my sleeve...
slicker than greased hair back in the 70's
master of ceremonies and so many fans depend on me.
orchestrating demolition. sending pacts to devils
fornicate with sexy nymphs that sweat the rapping fellow
hella' def and stellar. "Hellen Keller"-swagger gets no better.
hard to pull apart like your head's attached to velcro
step into my hell-hole while I tap-dance over the tempo
lightly like a ballerina tip-toeing. hypnosis overload
which side are you on? oh. that's what I thought
bob your head, no hairstyle involved (fucking awesome)
gnarly, dude. puppet-string 'em like the Muppets,
walk that walk. Talk that Talk; shout out to Rihanna
who's your leader with his feet up? twiddle my thumbs and keep a sinister touch of freedom,
administer what the people want

This is what the people want
Creeping in disguise
Read between the lines
Don't be sleeping when it's time to go..

aboard the ghost-ship, toasted from a bong-hit to the face
I put the hogwash in a crystal ball and toss the shit away
I'm a martyr that disgraced all the followers of faiths
disowned quick. lone wolf walking through a maze
shark up in a tank without an offer on my plate
started bartering with bait to make it harder to escape
such a narcissistic waste of life. partner of a faceless maven
causing drama for the gossip that it makes
started from the bottom. could've got in this with Drake
but, I still operate where the fallen men decay
boots and torn-up skully. recruit them before it's sunny,
then move 'til it's dawn. gully and rude when it's war.
I'm gutsy, but can't stomach myself. too much to digest
the revolution won't be televised until my mind's set
face all tattered and scratched, with the same cult that made Charles famous
flinging battery-acid and napalm. stay calm, these kids are way off and...


(Film Score)