The Pale and the Pretty II

by Notebook.

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Tonight, we give you the sequel to one of Notebook's most famous projects, "The Pale and the Pretty." Just as Part 1 came together, out of purely unplanned spontaneity [without sacrificing cohesiveness], this is the same feel that you can expect to hear reflected in "The Pale and the Pretty II." However, an entirely new aspect of Notebook's journey has been captured; a more raw / uncut aspect that has been stuffed deep into the shadows, channeled through a sound that has been just as caged & suppressed. But, some things can't be chained down for too long...


released April 3, 2015

All engineering done by Notebook. Credit to Uncle Turnies ( and Jay Mitch ( for their verses.



all rights reserved


Notebook. Clayton, New Jersey

With a niche for bridging the gaps between unusual elements among the music-spectrum, it's undeniable that Notebook is providing one of the most unique listening-experiences yet. Notebook. is pioneering a sound that is as much Universal as it is Abstract; carving out his space in a wide array of genres at once. Tune in and catch the wave. ... more

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Track Name: The Thinker (No Tellin') (Remix)

I could do it all and still feel so fucking incomplete
This could be a gift to me, a curse, or something in-between
Officially a hermit, but if history is true...
This could be another birthing of a frickin' genius.
Let it repeat as the synergy simulates in my energy
Innovative configuring. This is Nature's epitome,
living inside of me. Here I am, creating it visually
Walking art-gallery, but different than Wiz Khalifa...
you people don't see the distortions.
You consider the sleeping with whores and achieving a fortune as being important?
It's like intelligence seeps through your pores, but you seem to ignore it
Apparently, it's better being cheap and and conforming
to the meaningless score that they keep on the forefront
I ain't even on it. I'm just speaking on it.
I'm off the board. Found a doper way to be endorsed.
Bitch, I've got a fire roasting with a pole to put the dead weight on,
apple in the mouth for the feast. You want to eat?
I've been itching to devour it. No dinner-plates for a beast; that's counterfeit
Only here to prey on the meat like I'm saying Grace. React foul,
and I'll be growling with my teeth back out again
The inner-circle in my head is where the bounty is
Still, there ain't a crown worth enough that can amount to it
Power isn't about you getting a pound and living astounding
So, I'm drowning out the sound. Speaker under a spout,
This ain't a pout. Fist right beneath my chin 'cause I'm a Thinker.
Tinker in my thoughts and reverse. That's research, damn...

You can talk about your flossing. Man, I'm off it
I'm evolving. You can follow or just wallow in the dirt
Wasn't born to be at the bottom of the Earth,
so I'm fighting off the coffin every time I spit a verse
Like this. Like this. And you don't gotta' like it
But, it's timeless. One day, you'll open your eyes and...
One day you'll open your eyes and...

Track Name: The Weekend (Sun Goes Down) (Remix)
So up that we might float away
Tonight, you better know the pace
We move slow, we move slow
We move slow, and you know, and you know

We're the beasts that come out that night; never really cared if we found the light
Came to the bottom, not a doubt in mind that we'd spark that flame and be out of sight
Like, damn, who knew that we'd grow up to be so cold?
They don't know what it's like behind the door when it's closed; and still, I won't expose
Come and get initiated. You can get a taste of this work
Looking for a quicker way to get lifted, baby, get in and we can do dirt. Word.
Riding. Chilling and we're vibing. Feelin' like the world is ours...
Stars must be in alignment. Creeping, I am.
Tryna' get better peep through my eyelids.
See it all through a new lens. Moving like we flew in,
jet-lagged. Man, the crew must be a damn nuisance. They're so mad at it...
Breathless like an asthmatic. Free World, bitch; no cash addicts
Ya'll can keep chasing stacks; we did that shit back in the day for practice
New World Order. Shit's changing. Get with the program or get shaded
Ain't switch lanes; we just flipped the script and chose this way. Ya'll bitch-made
Fuck a Ben Franklin...
One day, you gon' see our face on the front of that damn paper
Shout out to Drake. You can Thank Me Later.
We are sick in the head how we live, don't forget it. You're tripping for betting that you could keep up.
Ain't itchin' for credit, but this shit was destined for us.
The clique is finessin' and reppin' the C-Town 'til it's dead in the dust
And that isn't happening ever; so, what's the deal?
Show me who's getting it, bruh? It ain't 'bout possessions and bucks
It's petty as fuck. Young bouls need to see who's been in it before them
Still setting the score. Still pulling the strings. Still livin' according to the code
So, get with it, with it
Running the Town and still kicking. Made my own style and it can't be bitten
It's so profound, but I put you to the test. Try to mimic...
Then you can get it how we get it. True.

Track Name: Kaleidoscope Eyes (Produced by Soulection)
Kaleidoscope eyes; what a way to see.
Nighttime skies: The Savory
Take us to the outside,
if there's anything to see, to feel; completely.

One hit of blue dream and you're in a movie; no acting, man
This ain't Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie. Don't need a damn script,
but say action and it's on.
Play the song and get distant; reminiscent 'til your head is gone
Floating. A motion-pic' that never existed. Better than fiction
Medicine twisted. Heaven just kissed us.
So out of our element. Is it real? Killing time.
Take an inhale and get re-filled.
Girl, you're beautiful and I can't seven see your features
But, I feel your energy bursting in patterns when you breathe first.
Then it merges with mine.
So nervous that I might...
disappear; out of sight, out of mind.
Combined. Intersecting lines.

Then it merges with mine.
So nervous that I might...
disappear; out of sight, out mind.
Combined. Intersecting lines.

I want to lay inside of you. Can you make me feel at home?
Between your legs, I need to rest, so we can both reveal our bones
Roaming around this field alone, I feel disowned
So, when you hold me like a child, I feel my healing grow...
stronger. Make it last longer. Take it that far for a moment
Let it sink in. Savor this, and we can tape it if you want to play it back..
Don't you fast forward. We're so naughty. It's a party. Just the two of us
Got a few to crush, and Blue to stuff in the bowl. Blowin' O's.
No one knows what's when we're in this zone, zone...
Out-of-body. How we got this deep? I'm unsure,
but it's got me sounding probably kind of crazy, delusional...
To be this far from usual. With you, it's cool.
I mute the bull-'ish and tune into your fuel. It's too wild...

Then it merges with mine.
So nervous that I might...
disappear; out of sight, out mind.
Combined. Intersecting lines. (x2)

Kaleidoscope eyes. What a way to see The Savory.
Track Name: Drunken Love (Produced by theCrxsh)
Will you be mine?
I'm only curious.

love at first-sight. I haven't seen a better image
I was drunk, but her eyes had a gleam that kept my interest
It wasn't the intoxicated state that made me cave into her sacred-space
up-close and personal, I knew she was my saving-grace
we skipped the small-talk and let our lips connect for language' sake
admiring eachother's features, and our greatest traits
she's playing with my piercings while I kiss her face
and make her feel as beautiful as I can make her
wait...I can tell that neither of us felt this loved or accepted,
so the touching opened up deep discussion
on how tough it is to be us in a world that wants nothing of it
I hold her close as she tells me never to change
I said, "I won't; as long as you just remember the same."
We let our demons come out until we dreaded the pain
Listened to her dreams...
telling her, "you can do anything with no effort or strain.
I promise."

Was it the drugs, the drink, or the rush?
It's hard to decipher. I think it was Love
I met my Goddess next to a bottle of vodka
Head filled up with marijuana. Yeah, we were so gone.
But, it felt so real. So real...
I know that it was real, still (x2)

Will you be mine?
I'm only curious.

My septum-ring fling came and then went
As much as I wish she ended up staying,
I pray that we meet again and remain
What's a one-night stand? I may be too fragile
Heart-strings around my adam's apple is a huge gamble
Every word I speak's sincere. You want to leave this here,
but really ain't seeing clear; your view's scrambled
This party-life is so fleeting; we should up and leave it, Dear
what's the meaning? The reason is we're bleeding fear
of what'll happen if we cut the act and get forreal
I ain't with the empty feelings. I want to connect and heal
I want to respect you, but caress you still.
Your first-impression had me sweatin' like an Ex Pill...
And I've read the drill; I'm a fool if I let you pass me by
These heartless goons think it's cool to wave a hand goodbye
but, it ain't me. I'm looking for the girl of my dreams,
and it may seem a little bit unclassy that we're faded greatly
But, I'm wide awake. When it's over, this won't be my mistake
I'm a pro at breaking cliches and re-writing fate
After this is done, just let me know the deal
Because I know it's real
Track Name: Madonna (Freestyle Remix)
Breathe through. Ride through.
Damn, girl. I don't know.
Pill'd Up. I said, Pill'd Up.
Chop one down. Let's go.

On that corner, I see you. I don't want to do it,
but, I believe that we can be something that I can't see.
But, I gotta' get my taste of that. I don't really want to wait for that.
Show me all you have. Show me all I have.
Our demons dance together. They stand here in this weather.
And, all I know is rain. All we know is pain.
It's ingrained in our brain. Yeah. We're in the same lane.
I know you know
It's so making me low. We can go down even further, though
You show me something new. I'll pull you through,
and maybe soon we can make a tune
This music is putrid, but we're lucid. We're here. All fear.
I love these shadows. We're in the gallows.
Don't tattle. These snakes rattle in me...

On that corner, I see you. I don't want to do it,
but, I believe that we can be something that I can't see.
But, I gotta' get my taste of that. I don't really want to wait for that.
Show me all you have. Show me all I have.
Our demons dance together. They stand here in this weather.

Breathe through. Ride through.
Damn, girl. I don't know.
Pill'd up. I said, Pill'd up.
Chop one down. Let's go.
Track Name: Blacklight (Produced by Tyler, the Creator)

This is my attire. I don't care about another color
Everything is black. I'm looking like I'm working undercover
I came from the punkers and the grungy motherfuckers
Look like I suck at bowling, I'm used to nothing but the gutter
Hoody over my head and my jeans are dark and tight
This is my style because I'm not with that shit that's far too bright, like
Come around me and my boys and you may need a night-light
We're the fucking shadows you'll be afraid of in hindsight
Gothic Renaissance. I guess this is the rebirth
Necklace with the Jesus piece inverted 'cause we reverse...
anything you find important; distort it and disperse
Taking back what it really means to be from the street (word)
Learning all our code and ethics from the fucking Reaper
Run this shit until my knees hurt. I need a breather.
Put you on the back-burner. It's about me first.
Fashion Killer with a Mac-11. I'm a dreamer
Don't bait a shark unless you want your faces gnawed off by the fangs,
I'm heartless. Ain't with the debating. Parting ways from the fakes
I've been on a different page. In my ways, I'm lost
Reading all between the lines, steady making marks.
Scratching at my door. You must be kitten / kiddin' with them baby-claws
I'm too busy going Ape to stop and monkey 'round with these fucking clowns
Cruising through this life. I fill the tank, as ya'll get angry at the pay-to-park.
I don't need to take the charge,
unless I'm in the paint, just balling. Moving at a faster pace.
Taking shots like Reggie Miller on the pacers, dawg...
Black Mentality.
Still I ain't talking about nationality
I'm talking 'bout the way we formed our personality
We embrace the darkside so casually
Watch the whole world follow along gradually
In a second, they'll be mad at me, but it had to be
I can't keep it light with a halo this dark
Gotta' make the apparel reflect the way the tint sparks
Look at the dead-space glimmer when we enter,
something pretty in the ember. Got the city hating real hard
The real stars got a black backdrop
While you silly kiddies dance around like some mascots
And I can't jive with it on the regular.
The essence of a phantom and it can't stop. Oh no, it can't stop
Black pants, black jacket, black heart
Black kicks; looking like I went swimming in black tar
That's art. How far we gotta' go to prove it's all good?
Right and wrong, Good and Evil. I ain't with the falsehood
I know the Void. That is my hood
Been walking in the Death Row; guess I'm like Suge
Man, I'm Darth Vader with a tight look
Who would've thought the Blacklight would fit quite snug...

Track Name: Black Sabbath (Produced by Chadroto)
Another room full of drugs. I know my momma' wouldn't want me here
But, it's just how we get; how we live. No limit. I'm so in it now.
All I wanted to be was a Rockstar, ever since I was born
Dance with the Devil like I'm Ozzy Osbourne
From the night to the morn'. What's it all for?

Mixing percocet with meditation. Medicating while I penetrate my psyche
Oxy-calming down my energy. I'm Buddha when I'm faded
Man, as soon I'm sedated. I'm just praying that I make it
Might've did too much. I might be on Pluto for a day,
or on the Moon if I'm mistaken. Gotta' stay awake, but the booze'll get me wasted
Fuck it. I never gave a fuck about nothin'
I been about it. I'll give you the run-around whenever I come to town
I just always knew to keep my shit up underground
What's the point of pretending? Yo, fuck that other side
'cause all I see is fake smiles when we come around.
Bad Boys doing something foul.
Who're you to judge with no gavel in your hand?
Ya'll used to be the shit. What happened to your clan?
Acting brand new and we haven't been a fan
So, stick to your role and keep yappin' in the stands
You play it safe and still be acting like the man, bruh
It's so funny. You should prolly do stand-up
I can see you stunting hard in front of cameras
But, on the real, you don't got the heart to match us
Real. And we might be the last ones
And it's looking like you're gonna' need a black tux
'cause you're destined to hit a dead-end. I know it
There's always a level above you where I'm heavily known at


Black Sabbath...

Tell me who can hang. I can put you on game.
Calling your bluff. Make you try to keep up.
No denying, we're rugged.
I might just be under the stars with my wolves when it's time to re-up.
Slightly corrupt. Yet, my dynasty untouchable
even though this evil's right in my blood-stream
Look at me in the eye and see that side of me come free
Shouldn't be that surprised. Been in hiding for some time,
and it's like what was ugly is pretty now
Thought we had a soul but, it's dust and isn't found
Look around,=and you won't find shit
Ghosts in the night where the poltergeists live
No one likes this, but it's home to my kin
BentSquad: come and see us while we're roaming The Fringe
Godless and Heartless. Know yourself
Way on top of you frauds. It's cold in Hell,
but we got what you lost, so you won't excel
We can show-and-tell. We can show-and-tell...
Ain't associating with you 'cause you're known to fail
It gets deeper than Pacific, but we go and sail...
anyway. Any day you want to walk the tight-rope, take a slow inhale
Rolling Stones ain't lackin' over here
Got the wheel, so we grab it and we steer
Ride hard like Revere, ooo...

Track Name: Uncle Turnies & Notebook - Pharaohs (Produced by Losco)
(Uncle Turnies):

Herbal vaporation. Music occupation
My flow is something different, so they copy then they paste it
My bitches in my grade are Puerto Rican or they Asian
At the parties getting wasted; Uncle Turnies on they playlist
Several inches hanging; nigga', that's my gold chain
Several swishers passing; blowing down the whole thing
White girls calling. I ain't talking 'bout that cocaine
Spit a bullet at your noodle. I ain't talkin' 'bout that Lo'Mein
Stop your cardiac. Nigga', where the parties at?
She throw it back, throw it back like a Starter Hat
My lungs is probably black. Smokin' on the strongest pack
Probably die up on the track if I ran a lap


Wake up in the morning feeling like a Pharaoh
I hop out of my sarcophagus and give orders. I'm so prominent and it's torture
we dim the room and do a ritual for the gods again at the altar
cosmopolitan and some Hors d'oeuvres. politicin' and plottin'
If I do anything, you can bet I'm feeling like a pharaoh. Careful..
One snap of the finger's enough if you wanna' test your luck, I dare you
Living proof that it ain't no rules that can stop the Prince. Fuck opposition.
Motherfuckers know what time it is. At the pyramids looking fly as shit
Meditating next to a Goddess. Skin-type the complexion of moccasins
Paradise in a pair of dice. Got snake-eyes, but I walked up in it anyway
You silly rabbits fall for tricks and what the many say
I'll rule the world and let you sit & hate
Track Name: Flossin' (Produced by Losco)
I'm a lone star. I'm a show-off.
It feels so right, but it's so wrong.
Born Sinner like J. Cole. Hog with the ball and I ain't gonna' pass it
I'll be damned if I'm in that store asking you "paper or plastic"
Still got your face to the mattress. Get a cup of Foldgers
I want to know what's your motive, man. I know you ain't fuckin' sober
Sleeping on me ain't normal, yet they tell me to keep it cordial
I'll go Kanye if you mess with me on the wrong day. Lord Knows.

For real

In another zone. Someone show me how to get back
Tripping on my own, really hoping that I'm in tact...
Give a dog a bone and I'll pull another hat-trick
Magic. I Riff Raff it.
Looking like I'm on acid. It's Fear and Loathing
12 Disciples behind me. Jesus Christ. Here's an omen.
Crack open that Bible, get to praying that he blows it
But, them trumpets keep on blowing. It's apocalyptic, I know it
Always been frozen. Heat it up and I still burn your city down
Really now. You ain't heard 'ish like this in a while. Kill the sound
Making noise. Shut your mouth 'less I feel your voice and what you say
Done playing them funny games. You want a verse? That's a milli' now
I know my worth. Sit back and I hold my turf
Ever since my birth, you owe me first. Mhm, I know it hurts.
Track Name: Jay Mitch & Notebook - The Suburbs (Produced by Jazzy Jeff)

(Jay Mitch)


Never represented the hood. Still, not as heaven-sent as I should've been
That's the message, and I guess it's how I was pushed to be
'cause they test my temper and look like I could be sweet,
but I'm really the meanest. It could just be...
'cause I'm N.J bred, so I'm good. No sweat,
we've been wrecking your set. Understood.
I learned from the best, made a mess, and they're shook
when we flex; feeling like Brock Lesnar. I wrestle with rookies,
not getting the fact that we run the whole state
Drive won't stop like we're whipping it with no breaks
From Elementary to High School,
It's been nothing better than chilling and riding with my crew
Quite cool, but still can easily go and be type rude
I might move silently, but when I strike...
whose quick enough to run and hide? I love this life,
where I come from, and everything it taught us...
from the summer nights, to the winter-cold. Won't forget it, no..
Roaming through the streets for the fun was like the centerfold...
I want to grip ahold of that and bring it back (bring it back)
And when they hear this, I hope that they sing it back
I want to grip ahold of that and bring it back (bring it back)
This is more than a rap, but a calling in fact.
Grow Down. Grown Down.
'cause Growing Up is so old now.
Just let it go now.
Track Name: Bria's Interlude (Cover) (Produced by 40 Shebib)

Even though you're all alone
All alone when I am gone
I just wanna' keep you warm
I'm coming back, I'm coming back
Yes, I'll be there. Yes, I'll be there...
'cause when I'm all alone, I think about your face
And how I wanna touch, I'm so far away. I'm so...
All I wanna' do is give you all of me now
Are you ready?

Don't go missing, just fly with me. Fly with me.
Don't go missing, just fly with me. Fly with me.
Don't go missing, just fly with me. Fly with me.
I know you wanna'. I know you wanna'.

I'm aware that we just met
I don't wanna leave you yet
Promise that I won't forget
I'm coming back, I'm coming back
Yes, I'll be there, yes, I'll be there
About to board a flight, sitting at my gate
I just wanna touch you but I'm so far away
All I wanna do is give you all of me now
Are you ready? Are you ready?